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You could be given a great deal of power today, although you might not realize it at first. The amount of attention you’re getting from others is about to increase greatly. Are you prepared to be in the spotlight more often? Make sure you look your best, and be ready to answer questions. This situation might make you nervous at first. But once you get going, there will be no stopping you! You were born to be a leader, so enjoy your birthright.

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You can be a sensitive beast, and your hide’s not so thick now. Treat yourself tenderly and experience your emotions. It’s only temporary, and you can learn something, too.

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Keeping the peace is one of your major motivations in this life, but make sure you’re not doing it at the cost of your own needs. If you are, you could be building up an awful lot of resentment.


When you reach for your money, you may think at first it doesn’t feel like coming out of your wallet. Then you’ll realize it’s actually long gone. Don’t get all indignant or start projecting your paranoia onto others. You already know who the culprit is: You.


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