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The fact that you’ll have a lot of high energy today will do more than fuel your own productivity — it could make some inspiring changes within your group of friends. In all your activities, your enthusiasm will bubble up from deep inside you without any effort on your part — and this enthusiasm will be contagious. Without realizing it, you’ll show people options they’ve never considered before. If they decide to follow you, welcome them warmly and lead them fearlessly.

Singles Lovescope

Get your priorities back in order even if it means a new balance of duties and playtime. Try out some new, different leisure activities so you can meet new, different people. Now is the time!

Couple Lovescope

It’s hard to concentrate when you and your partner have special plans, but try. After all, you don’t want your time together to fall flat because of overinflated expectations. Besides, you have work to do!


You have a high energy day ahead of you, with nothing but optimism for new projects. Whether or not they fly is not the point right now. Your renewed optimism is.


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