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A feeling of being hemmed in and constrained by circumstances could cause you to look for a way to break free of the ties that bind. Investing a large sum in a can’t-miss opportunity or a business deal that promises a stupendous return, however, could leave you holding an empty bag. You cannot buy your way out of a stranglehold, but you may be able to negotiate a loosening of the pressure. Think creatively.

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Some intriguing developments sweep aside lingering pessimism about your love life. You realize that obstructions are simply puzzles that need to be figured out and not the end of the world. Bravo!

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Companionship is in the stars, as is some distinctly hotter stuff! Show your affection for your partner. You’ve got a way with words (and nonverbal communication too)!


It almost feels as if your money is not subject to the pull of gravity. It seems to float away effortlessly. You’re doing your best to keep track of it, but by Jove, it’s just not subject to the normal laws of the universe, much less of economics. No matter how much advice you’re given, you can’t apply it to your own wallet. Is it time to let someone else control the purse strings?


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