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You could be eager to make a fresh start around joint finances and shared resources. This can be particularly positive if you’re running a business or you’re about to start one. The only thing that might hold you back now is a tendency to prevaricate. Making key decisions could be complicated by a desire to get the best deal for everyone. This might not be possible in a lot of situations. On another note, you may find that you change as a result of spending time with a new love interest or a very good friend.

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Someone you thought you liked could get on your bad side today, and once they’re stuck there, it can be ridiculously difficult to clamber back into your good graces. Do they deserve another chance?

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There’s some funny energy going on with the two of you, and it may not be funny in a laugh-out-loud way. You’re trying to handle something sensibly while they might be overreacting. Give it a little time, and don’t make a big deal out of it.


Just keep slogging through all the numbers before you. It doesn’t seem possible that you’ll ever come up with a final result, but you will if you persevere. Being ahead of the game is the cherry on top.


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