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If there was ever a time — no, absolutely destined — for the beginning of a romance, this, for you, is definitely it. All the cosmic lights are green. Very green. So when you’re invited out, do yourself a favor. Forget all about washing your hair, doing your grocery shopping or any other shallow excuse you had lined up to avoid this. Get dressed — nicely — and go!

Singles Lovescope

Your hopes for a hot date or an interesting encounter could be dashed. You can handle it with aplomb, especially if you’re ready to make your own fun in a fabulously creative way.

Couple Lovescope

Putting your certain someone first feels as good as or better than looking out for number one now, not to mention that they’ll absolutely love it. You’re so good at it they’ll think you’re reading their mind.


Your past is your present. That could be a good thing, depending on how much you let yourself learn from it. Reigning in spending doesn’t count unless you did it willingly. Examine the rest of your recent financial history.


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