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Some great news could be coming down from on high today. An authority figure could inform you of a changing situation from which you may benefit greatly. This adjustment might even enable you to free up some extra money in your budget. When that happens, you should make a long overdue upgrade. Technology advances quickly, and you could be falling behind. Use your growing resources to keep up.

Singles Lovescope

Something exciting is on the horizon romantically. Make sure you get your rest over the next few days, because you’ll need every bit of your energy to keep up with your next adventure!

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Something throws you two for a loop, but it’s no problem. You convert the motion into a somersault. In fact, you enjoy the result so much that you thank the Universe for sending this disguised opportunity your way.


Networking isn’t only for boom times. You need your connections now more than ever, and they need you right back. Get in touch with old connections, if only to remind yourself of the good times.


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