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Think about your life and you might just see a few partners or opportunities that you overlooked. Fortunately, these possibilities still remain. It’s just a question of seeking them out. Timing is everything when it comes to reigniting sparks from the past, so make good use of your abundant sensitivity when it comes to feeling out someone about an offer they made to you long ago. Keep your common sense and don’t get lost in flights of fancy, though.

Singles Lovescope

You’re in dire need of some TLC. Instead of relying on others to make you feel better, why not try a little self-nurturing? Pamper and treat yourself like royalty. You deserve the very best.

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Good thing you’re not afraid of a little work, because your relationship likely requires some now. Whether you’re facing an issue or just taking care of the maintenance love requires, you can do it.


A financial accomplishment is going to your head. Some pride is a good thing, but if you don’t nip it in the bud, things could get ugly faster than you think. Let yourself be proud for a while, then put your mental and emotional health plan into effect. Today is as good a day to start as any.


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