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Celebrating has become a bit of a foreign concept to you, and you have to make sure that comes to an end! You now have everything at your disposal to create a special event for a group of your friends, so make it happen even if it has to be virtual. If you can’t get everyone together soon, plan something for further down the line. It’s been a while since you sat down together and shared details of your lives. Couldn’t you use a good dose of their insight? One thing for sure is they all could use some of yours!

Singles Lovescope

Instead of adding to all the noise around you, choose your words with care. Let the silence build and see how your new crush handles it. A few meaningful words have a stronger effect than a barrage of emptiness.

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Sure, you like them for their bod, but right now it’s what’s going on upstairs that’s really causing sparks. Put your heads together, add a big idea, and see where the two of you end up.


Someone would have you believe your plans are impossible, but that’s only their view. Keep on persevering, with them or without them. If they give up, then that only means more for you when success finally arrives.


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