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The world’s energy is feeling quite a bit louder right now, and it might create some stress in your day. Don’t be surprised if you start feeling unusually introverted. Nothing will appeal to you more than crawling into bed and hiding away from the world. This isn’t necessarily a case of the blues, more like a case of the blahs. Honor your feelings by trying to escape from the hubbub going on around you. Find out if someone else can take on some of your hassles.

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Your amazing willpower and your indisputable charm ensure that you get your way without having to raise your voice.

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You can think faster than you speak, and thank goodness. In fact, make sure you think about something three or four times before you open your mouth. It’s the key to keeping your relationship balanced.


Busybodies are just another obstacle to your happiness. Shut them out if you can’t shut them down. Whatever you do, don’t let them get in the way of your productivity. They can be a psychic drain — don’t let them become a financial drain.


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