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A two-faced person from your past could come back on the scene, and they’re still willing to say one thing to your face and do something completely different behind your back! This double-dealing person hasn’t changed, but you have. Their old tricks aren’t going to work this time, and you’ll have an absolute ball proving that to them. Be gentle when you give them their comeuppance, but don’t hesitate to do it in front of others.

Singles Lovescope

It’s not exactly brain surgery, you know. When you feel good physically, you’re twice as hot. For now, your energy gives you the extra ability to get yourself fit and healthy.

Couple Lovescope

Usually you shy away from the spotlight, but your sweetheart makes you get out there and claim center stage, and with good reason. With someone like this in your corner, everything’s going great.


If appreciating the smaller things life has to offer feels like bad advice, then keep thinking big instead. You can stop and smell the roses when you have no energy left for anything else. For now, keep pushing forward.


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