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This is your day to bring about real change, so step right up and be counted! Your voice is strong when in the middle of a crowd, but it will hold a special resonance on its own too. Now is the time to work for something important, to say something that can’t be easily ignored. You’re making sense, and the people in power understand that. Just keep talking, keep pushing, and you will be heard. Big changes are coming, and you are part of a better future.

Singles Lovescope

It’s tempting to just reject that new, extremely odd notion, but try instead to make an effort to understand. This kind of mental exercise is good for your heart, and there may even be a romantic link in there!

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Lots of little things need your attention right now. You may want to explain that to your partner so they won’t wonder why you seem so distracted. Let them know they’re on your mind.


E Pluribus Unum. It’s like poetry to your ears. Could there even be more beautiful words? Why yes. Try fin, grant or grand. In other words, allow yourself to think bigger.


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