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While your tendency is to be all things to all people, make it a point to please yourself at this moment. You’re centered, balanced, and a tangible force of love. Others are attracted to your inner harmony. Allow your grace to carry you through the day. Flirt, but only with the ones who really catch your eye. Visit friends, but only the ones who please you the most. You can make friends and influence people with a wave of your hand.

Singles Lovescope

If you feel superstitious, roll with it and listen to your instincts. Ask that hottie out if your mood feels right, but pay attention to any hesitation as well. Your intuition should steer you in the right direction.

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When you finally learn to listen to whatever it is your feelings are saying (or shouting or whispering) to you, then you’ll really be ready to give yourself over to your love.


Your love of life is just as intense as ever. A Grinch in the crowd is amazed by your sheer joy and high energy, money or no money. They’ll experience a rebirth of sorts through your example.


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