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Prickly encounters are part of life, so if someone gives you some attitude today, don’t sweat it. Instead, focus your attention on building new relationships and maintaining a high level of honesty in current ones. This applies to your work life as well as personal life, by the way. Not everyone has to like you. As a matter of fact, exerting all your energy on making other people happy means you have less left over to make yourself happy, and that’s not good.

Singles Lovescope

Your unique personality stands out today. Use some of your eccentricities to make connections: Be odd, be funny, be daring, be bold. Don’t hold back. Someone in your vicinity is listening, watching, and waiting to make a move.

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Your partner sees your potential even when you refuse to. And what’s more, they won’t rest until you acknowledge it. Why not save yourself some trouble and start working on a hidden talent?


Be as particular about those you socialize with as you are about what you spend your money on. After all, your time is way more precious to you than your cash, or it ought to be. Don’t rush yourself into making plans for the sake of making plans. Shop around for the most fun and the best person to have it with.


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