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A social event you’ve been looking forward to suddenly has almost no allure when compared to your compulsion to crawl into bed. Running out of steam might be a drag (both for you and for the rest of the world), but forcing yourself to go out probably isn’t all that enticing or beneficial. If you do decide to take it easy, you’ll be ready to go and in top form for the next few days.

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Work could be stressful right now. Take your mind off it for a while and focus on the good things in your life. Setbacks are just temporary, but you’re surrounded by good friends who care about you.

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You could be presented with a challenge in your relationship today that leaves you feeling discouraged. Don’t let a small setback cause you to doubt the good thing you have together.


Your head is full of healthy ambition, but your heart is urging you to have fun. Which you follow may just depend on how often you look at your bank book. Look early and often.


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