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You can’t figure out where this is all leading, but you’re pretty sure you like it. The one thing you don’t know for sure is whether you’re going to be comfortable when you land. Invite someone else (maybe new) along for the ride, so no matter where you find yourself, at least you’re both happy. Gather your courage and ask. There are many more important qualities than comfort, and when have you ever been shy?

Singles Lovescope

Why so formal? Loosening up your look and your attitude will make you more approachable to friends and love interests alike. Bend a rule or two and see who notices!

Couple Lovescope

You’re usually practical by nature, but something luxurious has caught your eye. Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself. You can be sure your loved one thinks you deserve something that makes you happy.


The gears are turning ever so slightly. Your plans are starting to work, so hang in there even though the signs are subtle to non-existent. Know that some day soon you’ll actually feel a breeze from the wheels spinning.


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