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Someone’s curiosity might drive you a little bit crazy today. They know you know more than you’re letting on, and they won’t give up trying to pry it out of you! Secrets are for keeping, so stick to your plan to stay quiet about the insider info you have. You can try to avoid them, but you know deep down inside that it will be much more fun to watch them squirm, full of eagerness to know what you know. Enjoy this powerful feeling. You’re like a cat with a mouse right now, and it’s fun!

Singles Lovescope

Achieving that fine balance between stability and excitement in your love life is a never-ending process. You get there, and then you teeter to one side or the next. You’ll find a workable rhythm soon.

Couple Lovescope

When was the last time you had fun with your partner? If it’s been too long, make an effort today to do something totally entertaining for you both. Be as wacky as you want.


You get to spend as much time as you want browsing. Your slow nature is definitely to your benefit today, as you can pick and choose instead of buying the first thing you see. Don’t let anything or anyone rush you.


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