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Like a neon arrow flashing and sirens blaring, what you need to do today is terribly obvious. The fact is if you’ve been waiting for push to come to shove, your wait is over. You’ll be sure about your actions, but they might require you to step outside your personality comfort zone. It’s true that being more aggressive or domineering isn’t easy, but it’s something you must do if you want to get somewhere (or get something started) with someone.

Singles Lovescope

All those interpersonal relationships are seeing some serious energetic boosts right now. It’s fortunate for you and for the other parties, and so is your ability to really understand them and grow together.

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After a rough patch, everything’s back on track. In fact, you’re feeling unusually passionate. Don’t let this pass without acting on it! Show your sweetheart exactly what’s on your mind.


Your situation is not as dire or radical as you think. It helps to put things in perspective. Your worries about money make problems with older relatives seem like a cakewalk, if that helps you look on the bright side.


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