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It’s time you got reacquainted with the bolder, more aggressive you! The milder, more passive you has been doing well for a while now, but today’s events could require you to do a lot of questioning, and you’ll want to be prepared. Dress the part of the responsible adult, and know that the first impression you make will be a very long-lasting one. Your ability to start interesting conversations is strong, so why not just push it a bit further? Ask the questions no one else dares to ask!

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You have romantic relationships on the brain today (strictly in the imaginary realm at this point, but still compelling) and your relationships with your crazy, hilarious friends.

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If the time doesn’t feel perfect, you don’t have to carry out those plans you made. Put them on the back burner and save them for another day when the timing seems right.


There has to be a happy middle ground for you. Going back and forth between being flush and being broke is losing its appeal. In fact, it’s downright exhausting. Learn to live in moderation.


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