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There could be many false starts today in some emotionally charged arena. You may feel you’ve been promised something when no promise has actually been made. To protect yourself from being hurt, it would be best to not have any expectations at all. There won’t be any type of follow-through communication. That phone call or e-mail is not going to make its way to you today, so do yourself a favor and focus on things that you can do something about.

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Even after all these years, you’re totally loyal to someone who blew your heart to bits. It’s time to see this person for what they are. When you smash your delusions about their importance in your life, you’ll be able to truly move on.

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Nobody ever said jealousy keeps a relationship fresh. That’s because it doesn’t. If the green-eyed monster is staging an attack, figure out what you need to do to stop it! (Communicate your real feelings, maybe?)


Feeling shy could not have struck at a better time. There is no money to win or lose today, so you’re free to be alone if that’s what suits you. Whether you spend it feeling moody or dreamy is up to you, as long as you give your imagination free reign.


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