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No matter what behavior you encounter in others today, nothing will faze you or stop you from getting on with the good times! You mind is wide open, you’re thinking positively, and you’re ready to connect with other people in a new way. You seek inspiration, but it’s not a frustrating quest. It’s a joyous exploration that’s full of adventure. This is a wonderful time for you to start something new to you, preferably something strange and even a bit mysterious.

Singles Lovescope

Anything you start today — new projects, health programs, flirtatious emails — is definitely auspicious. Take advantage of the energy boost and take the initiative now with anything you want to go well.

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Getting ahead of the game would be easier if you both knew what the game was, not to mention the rules. You two have more say in this than you realize, especially when you put your heads together.


Those preacher types never get it right. Money isn’t the root of all evil, losing it is. If that’s how it feels to you, then you’re not as enlightened as you like to pretend you are. Time for some soul searching.


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