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Today is a great day to try a new food, hobby, sport, or adventure that you have always been just a little to scared to try before. Your fears are starting to vanish and your courage is growing, in part because your mind is hungry for new stimulation — even if that stimulation is based on fear! You will be totally fiery and full of energy, so put it good use by pushing the envelope and pushing past one or two of the boundaries you’ve built for yourself.

Singles Lovescope

Be on the lookout for particularly controlling people. Sure, they appear nice on the first date, but if you really listen to their words, something’s not quite right. Pick up on the nuances. If you spot an abuser, hit the road immediately.

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No one likes their ideas to be taken less than seriously or dismissed, so even if your partner’s making little sense, listen up. Asking a few questions may reveal that there’s something to it you don’t expect.


Your mind is working overtime while your heart seems to be asleep at the switch. An intellectual connection could lead to romance but only if you allow yourself to be open to it. Counting money is suddenly no longer your idea of a good time.


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