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Your brain is working in a very analytical way right now, and your heart is stepping into the background for a while. Today is not a day about feeling: It’s a day about thinking and solving problems. Friends might complain that you are acting detached, but they’ll understand what’s going on with you if you just explain it to them. They know how to give you space when you need it. Work will come first for you now, and that’s something that the people who care about you will understand.

Singles Lovescope

Take today’s conversation someplace different and deeper. Talking about what’s really important and what you’re looking for from a connection can lead you in much more meaningful directions.

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Avoid making overly specific plans today. With so many details up in the air, you’ll want to keep your options open for as long as possible. Give your partner a chance to weigh in.


You may not be prepared for romance, but it’s prepared for you. Haven’t you heard the news? Money can’t buy you love. And as it turns out, it can’t get in its way, either. Enjoy.


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