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When someone asks for your insight today, you shouldn’t hold back about how you really feel, but you might want to soften your harshest feelings. This person isn’t used to hearing the cold, hard truth, and it would be in your best interests to gloss over your thoughts with a nice thick coating of charm and diplomacy. If you have concerns, you should share them. After all, this person is counting on your help. But don’t ring too many alarm bells. No need to create drama.

Singles Lovescope

When you radiate a confident vibe, other people pick up on it. And right now you have every reason to be confident, so work it to your best advantage!

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You’re in a sweet spot when it comes to romance. Not only are lovey-dovey impulses coursing between you and your partner, but both of you are able to bring practical wisdom to negotiating the day-to-day details.


The end of the week is just a hop, skip and a jump away. That may tempt you to vault into something you really haven’t had time to investigate. Don’t let the season be your excuse to get involved in stuff you are unsure of.


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