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You’re going to be experiencing everything to the nth degree today, and thanks to the stars you’ll have plenty of company. Once you express those feelings, you might also feel the need to reward yourself, and why not? If you haven’t earned it, no one has. You’ve proven yourself to be discreet, diligent, and loyal. Now let your feelings out and get yourself a treat!

Singles Lovescope

To your amazement a friend may have more than platonic feelings for you. Be cautious on how you proceed. Even if the feelings may not be mutual, you still owe your pal a level of honesty and respect. Lead with your compassionate heart.

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If you’re not sure how to handle a sticky situation with your honey, go ahead and ask a close friend for advice. Just be aware of how much you’re revealing. Your friend may not want to hear all the intimate details!


It’s a good day to take care of all things large. Big chunks of work or sweeping reforms are all you want to deal with anyway. The big picture was meant for you, at least for today. Don’t waste a minute on the pesky details. They can wait until you’re back down to earth.


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