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You’re cuter than a box of kittens and more playful than a passel of puppies these days. Everyone wants to stop and pet you on the head and give you a treat. Such is the general effect your adorableness has on all and sundry. Don’t be shy about getting out there either. Everyone needs to get a look at your fabulous self, especially right now. Go ahead and strut your stuff!

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Instead of jumping to conclusions when you hear something you don’t agree with, try being more fair-minded. Judgmental comments won’t do you any favors. Keep your negativity to yourself.

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Add a little spice to your daily diet. You and your sweetheart might feel a little hot under the collar at first, but isn’t that a good thing? Who knows — the more you up the ante, the more you might find you like it.


You have plenty to be arrogant about and it shows. You can put a different spin on it, though, and think about how much you have to be thankful for. That’s a much more attractive approach to take to your life’s wealth.


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