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You should spend at least some of your day today trying to stimulate your mind with innovative ideas or new philosophical concepts. You might get confused and even a little bit frustrated, but you will also learn a lot, and that’s what is important. That’s what creates new paths for you to pursue in your life. Be open to new ideas. It’s the best way to improve yourself.

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Take a good hard look at yourself and your romantic style. You’re in the mood to evaluate and come up with short-term fixes, so see what you dream up.

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Change is inevitable, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Think about it. How boring would it be if your partner never altered a bit from the day you met? Keep an open mind about growth and change.


If you’re in charge all week at work, then you’ll be more than happy to turn the wheel over to someone else at home. That goes for the weekend budget, so don’t add up any receipts or look over anyone’s shoulder.


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