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You are about to get a seriously sweet dividend from all the good karma investments you’ve made over the past few months! People will be giving you things left and right: great advice, free clothes, a meal, and who knows what else. Whatever these things are, they will be nice surprises and sweet reminders of how you are valued by others. People are communicating their affection for you in their own unique ways, and you’ll probably get emotional.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t wait around for introductions today. It’s up to you to make the first move. Tell this person something interesting and quirky about yourself. If nothing else, they’ll remember you.

Couple Lovescope

Substance is important, but so is style. A few outward changes might pep things up in your relationship. A change of venue, such as going for a walk after dinner instead of sitting on the couch, might be all you need.


The aesthetics of minimal living have never seemed so appealing, and with good reason. Do what pretties up both your life and your bank account for a change and you’ll be flirting with real beauty.


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