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A lot of tantalizing projects could be coming your way very soon, and you might start to think that the way to go is to drop what you’re doing and pick up one of them. But be careful! Are you becoming a victim of the “grass is always greener” syndrome? It’s wisest just to hang tight right now and stick with your current projects. Finish off what you’re doing before you move on to anything new. You don’t want to get a reputation for being someone with no follow-through.

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Try meeting a whole new tribe. Attend a lecture on an esoteric topic, take a rock-climbing or sushi-making class, get politically active. Someone entirely different is just the ticket now.

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Acting like a victim of circumstance is beneath you. Have the right attitude and you’ll be able to change the outcome of this state of affairs before you know it. Tell your partner what you want to happen next.


You have no qualms about being pompous, but there’s really not much to be arrogant about. Just looking at your bank account is a humbling experience. That attitude adjustment alone could be worth a small fortune, so cheer up.


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