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Not to worry. Your closest and truest friends won’t be going anywhere, not even after you tell them that you need new stimulation when it comes to conversation and social interactions. They may even sympathize. And some might ask to go searching for new companions right along with you. These are the people who count, the ones who’ll be there for the long haul.

Singles Lovescope

Opposites attract in an exciting manner now, so stow your worries and indulge someone who seems hopelessly irresponsible. Perhaps you have enough responsibility for two!

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You have a talent for teaching. Instructing a partner can get tricky, but you have the right combination of perspective, humor, and patience to make it work. Your mutual admiration will increase.


Nothing pushes your buttons quite like money. But you’ll be more likely to salvage a few extra pennies if you go for intellect rather than emotion. Think carefully before you respond.


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