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Gauging how other people react is crucial today. It will save you headaches, heartaches, and frustration. Fortunately, you’ve always been very skilled at trusting your intuition. So when the drama around you gets too intense, you’ll know when to step away and be by yourself. The last thing you need to be is a bit player in someone else’s soap opera of a life. Let them handle the mess on their own. You didn’t create it, so you shouldn’t have to help clean it up.

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Tuning anyone out is a huge mistake right now. Not that you have to heed every piece of advice or say yes to every invite, but you should try to give everyone around you due consideration.

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Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature with your loved one today. Feeling connected to the earth will lift your spirits and give you a positive outlook that lasts for days.


Your swelled head is making you compare yourself with someone who isn’t afraid to take things to an ugly extreme. Your group of followers is bigger and your bonfire burns brighter, and sooner. But does your bank account grow any faster? Don’t only consider the green when competing with your nemesis, but don’t omit it from the mix, either.


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