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You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. If someone is putting pressure on you, tell them to mind their own business. You know what is best for you right now, and you just have to keep doing it at your own pace! Some people are always in a hurry, and they have a distorted sense of deadlines. Just take your time and appreciate the smaller things in life. Those mountains that you want to climb aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Singles Lovescope

You’ve got a great combination of superpowers today: penetrating observation and magnetic attraction. People are drawn to you, and you see them as they really are. Go ahead and take your pick!

Couple Lovescope

The concerted effort you’ve been making when it comes to your relationship pays off now with increased understanding, and maybe an agreement about an important matter. Don’t forget to use a little charm.


Being passive is out of the question. Whether it’s damage control or plugging a slow leak, others are waiting for your response. Start exploring what line of action you should be taking.


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