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If only you could foretell the future! That way, you would know which cause or opportunity needed the bulk of your attention right now. But since you don’t have a crystal ball, you’ll have to deal with this indecisive phase in another, more logical way. Ask the people you trust what they would do if they were in your shoes and why. You’ll gain some valuable insight.

Singles Lovescope

You should be deeply aware of your own feelings right now. You can express them in intriguing, revealing, and amazing ways. You’re also really tuned into others, so get out there and mix it up!

Couple Lovescope

The two of you may love your fave date ritual, but the stars say if you branch out a bit now, it will be romantically rewarding. Cultural happenings are especially favored.


You might not experience a financial rebirth, but you’ll get your energy back and then some. Go at the world kicking and screaming, if only for the fun of it.


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