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Today it will probably come to your attention that you are more idealistic than many of the people you surround yourself with. Maybe you crave the realism your friends bring to your life. Maybe you like the idea that you offer a ray of hope to your pessimistic buddies. Who knows? What is certain that the people in your life love and admire the way you look at life’s travails. Keep your fresh look going strong today, because someone might need you to cheer them up.

Singles Lovescope

Avoid standing still for any length of time. The more you go, the more interesting you’ll appear to a mysterious stranger. Don’t feel obligated to dig into the specifics of your whereabouts. A little mystery is a turn-on!

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Your interests and your partner’s may conflict a little right now, and your instinct could be to temporarily check out. Some solo time might be in order, but be sure to explain what you’re thinking and feeling first.


If you’re too flexible, you’ll bend in whatever direction the wind is blowing. But if you’re not, then you just might snap, there’s that much going on today. The one thing you should know instinctively to do in this weather is keep your money covered.


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