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Does it feel like you’re hearing the same song on repeat when your friends are talking? Some of your people may have one big topic taking over their minds, and they might be boring everyone they know to death. It’s a really good time to respectfully let them know that they need to start listening to the people around them, starting with you! Speak up soon or you’ll be stuck listening to this same song for the hundredth time.

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Worrying seems to be your hobby these days. Instead of fretting over things out of your control, keep busy with work and hobbies that excite you. An active lifestyle won’t leave room for constant misgivings.

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If the two of you aren’t seeing eye to eye, it’s probably instinctive for you to address the issue straight up and right away. Choose your timing and words carefully, though. There’s more going on than you can see.


Everyone around you thinks their ideas are so advanced that you could benefit from hearing all about them. You understand instantly why they are not financially feasible, but don’t let on. You’d only be wasting your breath and an opportunity to be amused.


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