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If you are on one side of an issue and everyone else seems to be on the other side, you shouldn’t feel the need to change their minds. Having everyone totally agree all of the time is just not necessary! If you disagree with them that doesn’t have to mean that you think less of them, and vice versa. So learn how to agree to disagree — avoid pushing your agenda or suspecting that they are pushing theirs. Everyone just thinks differently and that’s okay.

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Communication with your family could be especially hard now. You feel like the things you say are being misunderstood. Try to step back from the situation and know this frustrating time will pass.

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If you and your partner are orchestrating a dinner party together, you’d better get on the same page as far as what, when, and how you’re going to be cooking!


You can hardly get out of bed, much less face making money today. But the work week has one more day left in it and the last thing you can afford is time off. Wake up and smell the coffee.


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