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Avoid anything that looks, smells, or sounds like a power struggle today. You just won’t have the patience to outlast the big egos that are itching for a fight right now. These folks aren’t above playing dirty, and you don’t want to end up in the mud. You have better things to do. While you have a great talent for peacemaking, why waste it on a person or group that’s so happy to fight? There’s no point in getting involved unless someone asks for a compromise.

Singles Lovescope

Finding a balance between spending time with pals and having some quality moments to yourself seems impossible lately. Make an effort to reconnect with yourself in the morning, then reserve an hour or so to have fun with your friends.

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Your partner thinks they know you well, but you’ve got hidden talents you haven’t revealed. Maybe tonight you can give them a little preview. Let them know there’s more where that came from!


It’s not the right time to gamble with your money. You’re on shaky financial ground as it is. Paper trades are fine if they float your boat, but anything to do with real money will sink you.


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