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Lots of little-known facts exist about you, mostly because you’re so private that you don’t tell most people all that much about yourself. Unbeknownst to most, you’re really quite a romantic once your attention has truly been captured. Whoever you’re spending the evening with is about to find out just how romantic you are, to their utter delight. Keep it a secret until the very end!

Singles Lovescope

Get proactive about your life, your love life in particular! The more you do right now, the more fun you can have. The more different people you meet, the better the chances of finding someone sweet.

Couple Lovescope

There’s some friction between you and your partner right now, but it’s the kind that leads to romantic sparks, not fights! And when the sparks start flying, look out — you’re in for an action packed evening!


If you’re most comfortable out in the public eye, then avoid the masses. And if you love nothing more than holing up with a good book, then spend some time out and about. Whatever your inclination, it’s time to reevaluate.


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