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Most people buy gifts when the occasion calls for it, like birthdays, holidays, or big events, for example. Not you. You’re far more prone to give someone something because A) you know they’ll just love it, B) they’re the only person on earth who in your opinion should have it, or C) because they’ve either had an especially bad or an especially good week. So when you see that perfect item now, no amount of conversation will talk you out of wreaking havoc on your plastic.

Singles Lovescope

Treat yourself to something delicious today. Get a facial or a massage. For a really fun time, invite a friend along. The two of you will create some lifelong memories.

Couple Lovescope

You’ve been working on some big ideas for a few weeks. Now it’s time to let your loved one know what you’ve been plotting. They may get so excited they’ll want to jump right in and join you.


Someone thinks you are open to their advice, but you are not. Even a parent or older relative would be out of bounds telling you what to do. A financial advisor is the only one whose opinions matter, besides your own.


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