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You love having fun with other people as much as anyone, but remember that you have the right to privacy too! If you just aren’t feeling up to it, then don’t go. Say no to that next invitation and tell everyone to have fun without you. There is nothing wrong with spending some time alone. In fact, it’s healthy. It can help you get more centered, and it will give everyone else a chance to miss you for a while!

Singles Lovescope

Direct communication is the best kind right now, and you’ll need to come out of your shell a bit to be really effective. Give a sincere compliment. Extend a casual invitation. Ask for what you want.

Couple Lovescope

Your passion for your partner could reach new heights today. Take it slowly, with no preconceived ideas, and have fun playing and exploring together. Who knows where your instincts will take you?


You’re not exactly moving into a mobile home, but you will be having to reorganize your stuff soon. Get ahead of the game by starting now, instead of waiting for the repo man to arrive, in whatever guise.


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