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Give in to that whim. Your organized self loves your schedule, but it’s essential for you to leave room for serendipity, or that well planned timetable could start to feel like a prison cell. If someone wants to take you across town for a quick shopping spree, say yes. If your partner wants to go for a bike ride, say yes. If you want to go outdoors and walk barefoot in the grass, say yes!

Singles Lovescope

You may be thinking quickly today, but putting a little more thought into how you actually relate those lightning-fast ideas certainly can’t hurt. Choose your words for their effect on your listeners.

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You’re going to figure out something that has always bothered you about your partner, and the answer will be much simpler than you could have ever imagined.


You would never sit around wishing and hoping for something to do. You’re active with your friends, and you should be active with your investments, too. Your money is just sitting there moping. Start looking into ways to jazz things up. Go ahead, get creative.


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