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There is a beautiful synchronicity between you and the people you care most about. The compassionate energy around you is very strong today, and you’ll feel immensely loved and supported by everyone in your life. Realize that just as these people have helped you, you can help them and give them the same feeling you have. Enjoy this vibe and strengthen it by communicating how you feel. These people should share in your happiness.

Singles Lovescope

Look to the universe and feel its power flow! You’re full of energy, and you’re inspiring others, too. You may even be moved to do something completely spontaneous that influences your love life.

Couple Lovescope

Even if you’re not feeling very decisive, test a certain point of view in a discussion with your partner. Playing devil’s advocate facilitates exploring both of your outlooks and can be exciting!


You have no time to waste on idle contemplation. Your thoughts should be on things financial, not philosophical. If you make it through the next twenty four hours, you can take off your visor and put on your thinking cap.


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