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All of a sudden — with the emphasis on sudden — you’re thinking about a long-term thing. It’s not your style, and no one who knows you will believe it for a second. You, however, are believing it — so much so that you’re getting all wrapped up in trying to decide between blissful freedom and even more blissful companionship. Well, here’s a tip: If you’ve found the right one, you’ll have both. Better interview the prospective candidate more carefully.

Singles Lovescope

It can be frustrating to work on connecting with a person only to feel like all your hard work isn’t quite enough. Try examining why you felt like you had to put such effort into the situation.

Couple Lovescope

Do something creative tonight. Even if you’re just cooking dinner together, you can make it fun and new. Pay special attention to dessert. And even more special attention to the part after dinner.


Helping others is a great way to feel good yourself. You should be like a pig in mud right about now. Your compassionate side has been drawn out again and again. Enjoy the buzz, and the karma.


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