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You have a rather fiery nature, and right now, that fire is burning hot, as anyone who tries you is sure to discover. Still, there’s something to just being nice to people, particularly if you’re dealing with an authority type who doesn’t care about your future. Save the flame strike for recreational pursuits tonight. For the time being, be as accommodating as you can be.

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Your usual routine is all mixed up today, but don’t waste time worrying about it. Make the most out of your day — of course, knowing you, you work in a few chores, but try to make it more play!

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Now is a great time to prune nonessentials from your life. If you’re not sure if something should stay or go, get your partner’s input. They will be happy to assist in the removal of clutter.


You’re getting a bit of a reputation for stopping halfway. No one wants to be the first to mention it but be certain it’s there. Make it your job to complete all projects you start today, even if you can’t see the immediate payoff.


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