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Keeping quiet has never been your specialty, particularly after weeks of trying and getting no help from all other parties concerned. Fortunately, there is someone else who is actually as irritated about all this as you are and just as eager to see it all come to an end. Just this once, then, you can keep quiet. The situation will be resolved without any involvement on your part.

Singles Lovescope

Harmony guides your day today. You’re in tune with just about everyone you deal with, especially a certain someone who is always impressed by your ideas. They’ll help you put your plan into action if you ask.

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No matter how you slice it, one of you might be getting a raw deal. Sit down together and see if you can’t work out a more equitable way to share your resources so no one ends up shortchanged.


Your money is not your own. If you’re buying something, it should go without saying to check with your partner first. If said partner is a bank or a credit card company, all the more reason not to go to town on your own.


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