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You need to slow down today. Don’t come to a full stop; just take your foot off the gas! You’re in danger of getting a speeding ticket from the person you’re closest to in life. It seems that you’re leaving people in the dust and not noticing that they’re getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror. Slow down, turn around, and make your way back to them. They won’t be waiting much longer. Make your reunion sweet, considerate, and full of contrition.

Singles Lovescope

Focusing on just one person might be enticing, but until you learn more, it’s better to keep all options open. You’ve got amazing energy right now, so more opportunities should come your way.

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Some silly fun should perk your mood right up. Go out of your way to find the ridiculous side of life. Don’t smell the roses. Instead, try juggling the daisies.


Not everything is under your control, but be sure to pay close attention to the things that are. There’s no point in controlling the purse strings if you never use them to open or close the purse. Be judicious in your spending today.


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