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When you get a closer look at someone’s plans today, you could see quite a few holes in their way of thinking. This is a tough call. Do you burst their bubble or let them live in blissful ignorance? You’ll have to use all your tact and charm to get what you want, which is for them to reevaluate their idea and not get defensive about the fact that you’re not immediately in love with it. They need a dose of reality, and you are the best person to give it to them.

Singles Lovescope

Listen to that intuition today. The stars are telling you to broaden your possibilities and look for love in odd places. Spend some time in new surroundings. Really open yourself up.

Couple Lovescope

Your friends know you as the one who comes up with the ideas that everyone else follows. Lucky for your partner. They’re happy to be a part of whatever you dream up.


Helping others is satisfying and even necessary for your happiness, but remember, you’re not a charity. You’re in it to make a profit so don’t give away the store. Know when to say no.


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