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The amusement you feel watching someone else struggle isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as you’re supportive and not hurting their progress, you can react to what you see however you want. Censoring how you truly feel is the same thing as lying, so don’t make yourself act a certain way just because you think society dictates it. That’s not who you are.

Singles Lovescope

You have a wonderful opportunity to revamp your image from the outer details (no acid-washed denim) to the inner (enough with the negativity). A new outlook on life leads you to a new chance at love.

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Biting your lip is pretty obvious. Neither sighing nor rolling your eyes is subtle either. Why not think about how to express yourself to your partner in direct yet graceful terms? You can do this.


You used to be followed around like a money guru. Now if someone looks to you for financial answers, it’s a good day. At least you finally know who your real friends are.


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