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If that phrase “I’ll get back to you” makes your eyes roll, you aren’t alone. There’s a great deal of unfinished business going on around you, and everyone is just dying for someone to actually deliver. How hard can it be to come up with answers? It’s like you and your coworkers or friends are in a permanent holding pattern just waiting for clearance to move forward. This period of limbo doesn’t have to make you feel powerless, though. Use your time wisely. Catch up on chores or busywork.

Singles Lovescope

Today is perfect for putting a new goal into action, but start small! Sign up for a class or update your resume. Don’t try to fit it all into one day. This journey should take time.

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It’s time for you to be fully supportive of your partner and let your own needs go for a day or two. If it seems that this happens a bit too often, you may want to talk about it in a few days.


Everyone is more receptive to others than usual today. It’s a good time to take a risk by reaching out to someone else. Chances are excellent that you’ll make a new connection if not a new deal.


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