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Not everyone is as intuitive as you, so today you may take the predictions of one of your friends with a grain of salt. They may be so positive of their guesstimate that they’re willing to bet money on it, but you know better. If this friend is thinking of gambling on this idea, do your best to help them see things more conservatively. Otherwise, let them learn the fallacy of their hunch on their own. It will teach them an important lesson.

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The stars are serving up exactly what you like: opportunities to connect without any pesky demands. You’re relating amazingly well to a variety of people, and your independent spirit is part of the allure.

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Let those tears fall. Or laugh until it hurts. Or scream until your voice goes out. Regardless of what you do, get your emotions out. Turn to a family member for support and get rid of all that emotional clutter.


Your credit card is maxed out and your bank account is overdrawn, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking you’re going to miss out on anything important. You still have plenty to give that has nothing to do with either.


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