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Expect to raise some eyebrows at work now and a few more tonight. You’re in a very rare mood, so rare that your coworkers and friends are willing to bet they’ve never seen you like this. Rather than exercising caution, playing it safe, or avoiding confrontation, you’re ready to rock. If it’s reckless, you’re in. If it’s slightly scary, you’re in. Better warn anyone you expect to be spending any amount of time with.

Singles Lovescope

Pointless chatter is draining you today. Instead of listening to the endless comments, steal away for some time alone to relax in silence. Meditate on what matters most to you and speak only when you’re ready.

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Indulge your romantic side today and treat your honey to a lavish surprise. A massage for two at a local spa would be a fantastic way to kick off an evening made for love.


You can expect things to start going wrong. That’s because you’re so upset about money that it’s getting in the way of your ability to think straight. Take a deep breath and stop feeding your subliminal monsters. It will help everything work much more smoothly.


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